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C & C – In No Particular Order

CHRIS (one of the “C”s) was just a barista at the time and the glorious leader of this crew. On their first shift together, Chris asked Clay what the meaning of life was. Clay answered correctly (42), and Chris immediately knew that they would be the best of friends. He invited Clay over one weekend to play some board games and maybe¬†this Magic: The Gathering thing. Immediately, shenanigans ensued. Thus was born, the C & C Powerhour: the best part is it lasts longer than an hour (8 to be exact – the number of hours they worked together)!

CLAY (the “C” that Christian is not) was the shift supervisor for this so called “Powerhour.” Originally from Indiana, he started at the ‘Bucks in May, but by June, he’d already been roped into Christian’s friend group. Clay’s the kind of person to stay up all night coming up with stupid stuff to discuss with Christian on those fated Saturday nights. His hair color is ever-changing. And honestly, he’s probably the most responsible of the group…. that’s terrifying.

ANDY (permanent special guest) was out of the picture, except for being Christian’s roommate. Speaking of roommates, it was probably 1:30 am on a Tuesday when Christian and Andy began discussing magic. Andy had played when he was a kid in the 90s, Christian more recently, but neither were active players at the time. They talked about picking up some deck builders toolkits to get back into the game, but it was too late to go buy anything. Then Andy said, “you know Walmart carries Magic cards, right?” 3 years and about 45 booster boxes later, we’ve made it to launching the stream. “That was a mistake.”

(the Friday Night’er) played magic at the LGS. He was an avid FNM participant. That’s where Christian and Andy met him. They liked him. He had cool ideas and was much better at taking C&A’s ideas and turning them into a reality.
GABE (Biff – Shuffle-Time Master) also works at the Starbucks. This guy says the MOST ridiculous stuff, it just made sense to include him in the Powerhour. Gabe is a retro video game enthusiast. Between Gabe and Andy they have a broken Atari, a working NES, a pair of SNESs and a pair of N64s, a Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast, Wii – like literally all of the systems. Expect some great “let’s plays” in the near future. Brotime is the brain-child of Gabe and his younger brother. It’s gonna be good, y’all.
SAM (the brother) is related to Gabe. Our fantastic artist in residence, except he doesn’t actually reside here… That’s beside the point. This kid can art, man! Check out his tokens, for real.


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